Late Night Jokes 07 September 2014
by John | 20th April, 2018
Read the latest of the late night jokes with Meghan McCain. Meghan McCain – Late Night Political Joke Late Night Jokes Mark C. MillerMeghan McCain, the 26 year-old daughter of John McCain, said on This Week Sunday that Christine O’Donnell is a “nut job” who is “making a mockery” of running for office. McCain received over 12,000 complaints from nut jobs about being compared to O’Donnell. A Starbucks in Seattle is testing a new program to help increase business at night by serving local wines and beers. Their most popular red wine — the Pino-ccinno. Sources are saying that Mel Gibson is hoping to revive his career by making a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie Hangover 2, appearing as a Bangkok tattoo artist — who’s completely sober and treats his girlfriend with love and respect. On Monday all seven of New York’s gubernatorial candidates met to debate, including former madam Kristin Davis, who advocates legalizing prostitution, gambling and marijuana. Well, I guess she’s got the college vote. On Monday all seven of New York’s gubernatorial candidates met to debate, including former madam Kristin Davis, who called career politicians the “biggest whores.” To prove her point, Davis paid the other candidates for having sex with them. Plans were announced this week to open a new cemetery in Moscow, dedicated specifically to the society elite. Because, you know, you don’t want to be decomposing next to just anyone. Employees at a bank in Massachusetts called police after a woman tried to give them a fake 10,000 dollar bill. The bank employees became suspicious when they noticed the bill featured a picture of Lady Gaga. The French government is cutting short a debate in the Senate on a bill raising the retirement age as rioting youth clashed with police throughout the country and protestors blocked a major airport. A police spokesperson said he hadn’t seen protests like this since France passed the mandatory Shower Once a Month law. A 20 year-old woman, who is studying criminology in college, was sworn in this week as the police chief of a drug-war ravaged Mexican border town after she was the only person to accept the position. Her family celebrated by taking out a huge life insurance policy on her. Raymond Kurzweil, a renowned scientist, is saying that within 20 years, humans will be able to download the entire content of their brains to a hard drive. Tea Party members will be able to download 10 of theirs to a hard drive.

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