Automatic Royalty Checks by Lombardi Publishing Review
by John | 10th February, 2018

Gain More through Automatic Royalty Checks Than Stocks

The fact: author’s bank accounts keep piling long after they are gone is no longer a hard nut to crack. With more books being sold the royalties soar up too! As numbers shoot up proven reports are observed mentioning about; an American author yielding $20 million in mere 12 months after his books hit the stores; a ghostwriter generating $26 million for a thriller genre he was asked to write and even a former US president who backed $900,000 as royalties whilst executing his duties for his record-breaking book. Gains are no longer confined to celebrities; in fact several Americans who have managed to pen down a novel or a jingle are seen boasting of their automatic royalty checks. Often suspected but such royalties are the most genuine source of income that keeps pouring in form of cash or checks.

Fixed Income Vs Royalty Checks

Fixed income is preferred by most Americans, yet this income source is often put to test. When inflation mounts the currency value in the bank account dips drastically. And with no new revenue coming in, chances that you might soon run out of your savings, heightens. Dawn of 2014 had witnessed coffee prices increase by 51 percent and cattle rates at a jaw –dropping 20 percent. Average monthly income of $1,294 by Social Security for a retired worker too fails to meet the rising grocery prices, medical costs and more. Predictions are made that Social Security fund will ultimately run out in less than 20 years. On the contrary automatic royalty pay checks enable masses to enjoy a trusted income source, that’s way at par with and combats the, inflation rate. Those signing up to receive optimum benefits, if done perfectly can help them back 12 royalty checks each year.

Man Behind Automated Income Gorge Leong noted financial analyst with Lombardi Financial and editor of priceless Automated Income has been known to leave his readers in awe by picking some, finest income options for retired workers and investors. Abreast with companies yielding huge payouts he always takes a closer look at the growth opportunities of the companies he associates. With more than 28 investment opportunities at his discrete he provides his clients a genuine mix and profitability. Number of investors in George’s subscribers list is on rise while he is busy emailing 8 page newsletter with hits on safe income source, business growth and more. Guidelines on what to purchase, sell or hold onto have backed several readerships.

Subscribe For George’s Investment Report at Unmatched Discount

Fresh subscribers can now access a full year issues at $195. Investors intending to test-drive Automated Income have to part with mere $10 for an enriching scoop. That $10 entitles the readers to access a six-month supply of the newsletter. Although 30 days trial is quite advisable for remarkable results yet those intending to discontinue can simply call or email informing the same. In case investors fail to inform within 30 days $87.50 will be charged from their credit card to supplement the 6 month supply of Automated Income I have a long track record of finding companies that make safe, regular payments to investors. But it’s more than just income that I’m after. While I focus on companies that make big payouts, I also look at the potential growth of the companies I recommend.

In fact, over the past several years alone, while working for Lombardi Financial, I have made 28 investment picks that have more than doubled in price. In my Automated Income advisory, I offer my clients a secure mix of income and capital gains.
Every month, investors on my Automated Income distribution list get a simple eight-page newsletter with my favorite income plays for safe, secure and rising monthly payments from the companies I believe will see business grow. I provide specific instructions on what to “Buy,” “Sell,” or “Hold” and why. I even send out e-alerts when I make changes in my recommendations, or when new ones arise that cannot wait for the monthly newsletter. Each monthly newsletter is written in clear, concise language, so you know exactly what to do.
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